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Uh theirs not much to tell I have a few hobby's art and taking photos [even though imnot very good at it im trying to get better] being just a couple of them. I don't really like to talk much about myself id rather hear about others and brauden my knowledge of the people around me.
im a very personal person I've had too many people stab me in the back i find it hard to trust after that.

i collect bjd's and have quite a few to date

starting with my SD's
Rose: Little monica demitri head on DIM minimee body
Renay: Ring Doll Amathyst
Clive: AOD Jimi
Dwyne: DZ mo b limited on fantasy doll body
Rajan: DC Dolores
Raven: DL Leon
Nell: DC Christena [for sale atm]
Daisuke: DZ saka
Eros: RS Gang
Kalia: AOD Jimi V.02 on DC youth 01 girl body
Vanity: BBB Waylin
Angelouse: Akagidoll tann-2
Angelouse:-Migig doll ryu on a volks sd body.
Akina: Ring Doll QinZhe
Hiroyuki: Doll Leaves Evan with elf and human ears

Mouse: DZ mo
Iserus: Doll leaves Wish
Dorin: Doll Leaves Kira
Elizabeth [Lizzy]: Luts Ani
Razfairiouse: Resin soul Sui full dragon in green resin
Cain: Resin Soul Tang
Artemis: Soom Shale

Aura: BC ceoi bella elf pepe limited fiary
Razzle: DC Beatrice
Mirrage: Dc Nephelhime [cant spell it]
Aqua marean: DC russle
Athena: Soul doll Soul Aehael (centaur version)

Winter: DZ little bean

Floating heads
Azure: Dz limited freddy human
DL blue
dolls on there way
Imple filraen
Imple Devin
Imple Teno


roseglow eyes by dragonelldeatheye
roseglow eyes

ill be scrapping this at a later date once i get her proper parts and find a wig more suited to her 

Athena: souldoll Aehael Centaur

do not use my pictures 
four legs are better than two by dragonelldeatheye
four legs are better than two
apparently according to Athena that is 

Athena: souldoll Aehael Centaur
do not use my pictures
Athena by dragonelldeatheye
well i finaly managed to get a few shots of my new girl my uselay set up dosent work with her being half horse half human she really only works with backdrops but the pictures turned out ok im not uber happy witht hem and will scrap this at a later date once i get here replacemetn parts :) 

Athena: souldoll Aehael Centaur
do not use my pcitures
So expect pictures by the weekend i had my Souldoll fairy story Aehael Centaur arrive today she is beautiful theirs been a bit of comfgusion with souldoll not sending the correct color resin parts but other than that she is lovely. im looking foreword to getting my camera out at the weekend and snapping some shots so keep a look out for her interacting with some of my other bunch

  • Listening to: magic tv
  • Reading: interview with the vampire [again]
  • Watching: magic tv
  • Playing: nothing atm
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: nothing
light in the darkness by dragonelldeatheye
light in the darkness

iserus is  like a litle ray of light in the dark he has very little colour to him but still manages to stand out plus he is freakign cute aparently lol


doll baugth from:…
dolle belongs to me, you do not have permission top use my photographs. 

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